In 1988, at the direction of Rev. Hugh Stouppe, the Heritage United Methodist Church Library was reopened after a period of disuse. Its juvenile section was greatly expanded. Outdated books were culled and replaced by more current material. The library at that point was called the Heritage United Methodist Church Religious Reference Library. GASP! More recently it was rechristened the Hugh Stouppe Memorial Library in tribute to its former chief librarian. With over 190 videocassettes, more than 100 audiocassettes, over 2 dozen National Geographic maps, approximately 3 dozen games, hundreds of magazine issues, an array of pamphlets, slightly more than 100 compact disks, 550 plus digital video disks,  and about 2,000 books, the library is a growing resource institution which welcomes patrons of all ages. Come in and browse. You’re likely to discover a lot of surprises. Feel free to browse our online video holdings then come visit us at Heritage to check out a movie.